Touka Kirishima - Tokyo Ghoul Ep. 3

i have been listening to the same song on repeat all day.


bless you if you can admit your favorite character has flaws.


The animation team behind Dangan Ronpa The Animation also worked on the special fully animated event scenes. In these 4 shots, you get a look at how she looks before Komaru begins running around everywhere in the game. However, there’s of course no trace of her family, only solid looking prison bars. Maybe she’s been imprisoned somewhere after the events of the first game?

(captions in images)

ハイキュー!!’s Hinata!

i spend a lot of time worrying about sarah.


金木 研
"Instead of a person who hurts others, 
become the person who gets hurt."


and people should also remember

clem and sarah take care of each other. it’s not one more than the other. they stand up for each other, they’re friends.

sarah despite knowing the risks speaks up against carver for hurting clem, clem does the same when carver orders carlos to hit sarah.

sarah reassures clem to take care of herself and hopes her arm gets better, clem in turn reassures sarah about her dad when he’s taken away for a while.

sarah gets medicine for clem, clem helps sarah with picking the berries.

clem takes the blame for sarah’s photo but sarah doesn’t let her. she takes full responsibility. 

they help each other. sarah isn’t useless. clem can rely on her, too, it’s not ‘work all on her shoulders’.


things learned from the trailer:

  • jane is hot
  • mike is badass
  • im in love with luke
  • everyone is depressed
  • this game has destroyed me
DRAMAtical Murder the anime and the CGS

”Fallen,but never forsaken


I love how the wiki pictures went from





do you ever start writing a text post and halfway through you’re just like “nah”